Mauritius Chelsea Yellow Gumboot

The Mauritius chelsea yellow gumboot is our holiday gumboot. It reminds us of the beach, sunshine and happy days.

This chelsea-style short, ladies yellow gumboot is adorned with their unique cloud stud and a handy tab to pull them on easily.

Each pair has an inner sole which ensures your feet are comfortable, for endless wear.

Size Guideline

These gumboots will fit to size, no need to size up.

The opening of the gumboot (where you put your foot in)

The circumference is 33cm

Boot Height

Size UK5/US7: 25cm
Size UK6/US8: 25cm
Size UK7/US9: 25cm

Foot Length (length of the insole)

Size UK5/US7: 24cm
Size UK6/US8: 25cm
Size UK7/US9: 26cm

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