Sandton Chelsea Black Gumboot


The Sandton Chelsea Black gumboot is made with a waterproof, recycled, black PVC sole and upper, lined with a soft sock.

This chelsea ladies black gumboot is adorned with our unique cloud stud and a handy tab to pull them on easily.

Size Guideline

These gumboots will fit to size, no need to size up.

UK5 = US7

UK6 = US8

UK7 = US9

The opening of the gumboot (where you put your foot in)

The circumference is 33cm

Boot Height

Size UK5: 14cm
Size UK6: 14cm
Size UK7: 14cm

Foot Length (length of the insole)

Size UK5: 24cm
Size UK6: 25cm
Size UK7: 26cm


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