Umhlanga Chelsea Gumboot

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The new matt Umhlanga Chelsea-style short gumboot is adorned with our unique cloud stud, adding a touch of style to this classic gumboot style. This matt Chelsea gumboot style is ideal for easy slip-on gumboots.

Size Guideline

We recommend choosing the size you normally wear with a closed shoe.

The circumference of the opening is 24cm

Boot Height x Foot Length

Size UK3 / US5: 17cm  x  22,5cm
Size UK4 / US6: 17cm  x  23,5cm
Size UK5 / US7: 17cm  x  24,5cm
Size UK6 / US8: 17cm  x  25,5cm
Size UK7 / US9: 17cm  x  26,5cm
Size UK8/US10: 17cm  x  27,5cm

Size UK9/US11: 17cm  x  28,5cm



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