DIY Project - Wall Mounted Boot Rack

Hi Guys

This was a wonderful DIY step by step article for a wall mounted gumboot rack! For those who have a pile of muddy boots by the back door - this is a good project to declutter those areas!  Perfect to help those gummies dry out and keep those pesky bugs and spiders out! Not to mention it looks very cool.

This article was produced for the Kiwi Gardener Magazine and the DIY project is by Resene. On the Resene website are several amazing DIY projects and they are really worth a look! 

To check out this Gumboot rack project... follow the link below. 

How to build a wall-mounted boot rack (

I will add the images of the project too, as they are available to download in PDF format from the Resene website.

Enjoy and do let me know if you give it a go!!

Jane x

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Other than the stunning colour, I would say the most noticeable first impression would have to be the feeling of them. The quality is genuinely incredible. The jacket is lined with a very soft striped cotton fabric. The boots are made well and you can tell they're the kind that will last years even with regular use!

Millie Thompson, Canterbury