Silver Lining Gumboots

Guest blogger, Kelly Kidgell, tells us what she loves about Silver Lining Gumboots

I’m not gonna say I hate getting wet and dirty. Occasionally it can be fun. But as a rule I prefer things dry.

I’m a work at home mom. (That’s a WAHM by the way. Like a WAG only less glamour, more snot and tears - Mostly mine since my 3 boys seemingly give zero you-know-whats and I’m certain are trying to kill me with their never-ending noise, insatiable hunger, busy schedules, and the resultant exhaustion). 

Between cooking, cleaning, intermittent spats of work and sometimes (often) rocking in a corner whilst hugging my wine, it’s go go go

Approximately 3512 school runs a day: Sports practices, matches, and forgotten-bag drops. I barely have time to poo, let alone worry about varying my ‘look’ to something other than jean pant, a mom-bun, and slops. 

So when it rains, not only am I left with muddy boy-dirt to contend with, but also moist toes and that tear/rage-inducing thing where the bottoms of my jeans seem to soak up every millilitre of rainfall from the school car park. 

Enter: Silver Lining Gumboots. 

Ohhhh my. 

All. The. Heart Eyes. 

Aesthetically, they’re like totally the raddest rubbers I’ve ever seen with designs that effortlessly make an understated statement. The Shongweni gumboot is my favourite.

Functional yet so uber-trendy, I’ve even contemplated releasing the mom bun!

So I'm going to give those squelching slippery-slops the boot (see what I did there) and rock some fancy-ass ‘footage’ that’s possibly inspired me to frequent farmers markets as I stylishly stride through puddles. Effortlessly turning heads as wet-footed, soaked-shoe’d onlookers gasp at the moist-free marvel of my pimped up pins. 

I may even forage my own wine. Or get a horse. 

Aside from keeping ladies dry, two feet at a time, Silver Lining Gumboots tickle-and-tick all my boxes when it comes to business goals.

 Owned by 2 lady entrepreneurs 

 Boots produced in South Africa (in KZN)

 Manufactured from 100% recycled PVC

 Fully recyclable


Boots with a heart, every burst cloud really should come standard with a Silver Lining (or two!). 

Source credit:

Written by guest blogger: 

Kelly Kidgell

Co-Owner of Ecoboks

Blog page: Surviving the Runner Guy 


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Other than the stunning colour, I would say the most noticeable first impression would have to be the feeling of them. The quality is genuinely incredible. The jacket is lined with a very soft striped cotton fabric. The boots are made well and you can tell they're the kind that will last years even with regular use!

Millie Thompson, Canterbury