Staying Stylishly Dry with our Classic Yellow Raincoat

Maughin from The Edit tells us what she loves about our classic yellow raincoat.

So as you all know I love to support local and started a segment where we could share special local finds.

I came across Silver Lining Gumboots and just fell in love!

Who would have thought that I would be able to wax lyrical about a yellow raincoat?

I didn’t even know how much I loved yellow until this beauty arrived and I promise you, I will never look back!

Yellow is such a bright and warm colour, and one could even say you stand out in the crowd and perhaps even say you should buy one for safety sake?

Whatever you need to say to convince yourself to spend your money on this beauty – do it! You will not regret it.

From the beautiful colour, to the gorgeous quality and style – I mean look at those cute little pockets – they are perfect for hands or keys or a lipstick.

silver lining gumboots yellow raincoat pocket detail

And then inside, the stripey inner material that you can see peeping through when you look at the hood – gorgeous. I love a good stripe!

We have had terribly rainy weather in Joburg for the past few days but instead of being unhappy, I was thrilled that I could wear my raincoat.

The details:  it is waterproof and windproof, and I love that it is a little longer in the back to cover your bum and keep it dry!

yellow raincoat silver lining gumboots front view yellow raincoat silver lining gumboots side view yellow raincoat silver lining gumboots back view

No one likes a wet bum. no one.  And, it is not bulky at all so if you wanted to, you could roll it up and put it in your handbag for any unpredictable weather!

This gorgeous creature is made locally here in SA by the Silver Lining Gumboots brand and they live by this: Functional, fashionable and always stylish. This rain coat ticks ALL of those boxes!

Classic yellow raincoat silver lining gumboots

This blog post review was first posted on The Edit.

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This blog post review was first posted on The Edit.



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Other than the stunning colour, I would say the most noticeable first impression would have to be the feeling of them. The quality is genuinely incredible. The jacket is lined with a very soft striped cotton fabric. The boots are made well and you can tell they're the kind that will last years even with regular use!

Millie Thompson, Canterbury